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Changing Tivoli Endpoint Manager service startup from Automatic (Delayed Start) to Automatic

Background While working in an environment with TEM (Tivoli Endpoint Manager - formerly BigFix) and Cisco's NAC (Network Admission Control) technology, I ran into an issue with Windows 7 machines not being allowed to pass through NAC after a TEM client… more »


Change DNS settings for Active Directory migration through BigFix

I recently worked with one of our customers on a project to migrate their Active Directory domain controllers running on Server 2003 to new servers running Server 2008 R2. Part of the project included changing clients to use the new servers as DNS server… more »


Application Whitelisting and MS Authenticode

F-Secure has recently reported of "…tens of thousands of malware samples that have been signed (with MS Authenticode)."MS Authenticode uses digital signatures (code signing) to authenticate software and inform the user of the fact that the software w… more »


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Trend Micro Core Protection Module support for Mac released by BigFix

The Core Protection Module (CPM) solution from BigFix brings the Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware features of Trend Micro's Office Scan product under the management of BigFix. This allows the administrator to manage software deployments, patch deployments, softwa… more »
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Automating Cisco Security Agent Deployment - Part 4 (Agent Deployment)

In my last post I went over the command line switches that can be used to extract t he agent kit and to configure the installation options. This post will deal with an overview of the deployment options.Agent Deployment New Deployments Installi… more »

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