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Who's Your Daddy?

Did the title of this blog entry throw you off a bit? It will all be explained shortly. In the InfoSec industry, we have one problem we have yet to solve with technical controls, 'the user'. This being a blog entry and not a book (or series of books),… more »


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Automating Windows Troubleshooting with MPS Reports

MPSReports Recently I was involved in a Cisco Clean Access deployment project when the implementation ran into some issues with utilizing the Active Directory Single Sign On feature of CCA in the existing Active Directory environment.  I had no direct… more »


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New Version of Kismet Released

A new version of Kismnet 802.11 layer2 wireless network tool was recently released. Most anyone who has done a pentest including 802.11 has utilized the powerful Kismnet.Some of the improved/updated features include: Improved stability and… more »


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BackTrack 4 Released

BackTrack 4 Final "pwnsauce" has been released.  ISO images and VMWare images are both available.   more »


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Using Yersinia for Network Auditing and Pentests

A pair of recent SANS Diaries on Layer2 network hardening reminded me of one of my favorite tools for network auditing. Yersinia is an excellent tool for auditing multiple network protocols including STP, CDP, DTP, DHCP, HSRP, 802.1Q, 802.1x, ISL, and V… more »

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