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Security Patch Breaks Printing in Outlook 2007 - Recalled by Microsoft

Anybody who installed Kb2509470 last week and happened to have Outlook 2007 may have run into a rather bizarre issue trying to print from Outlook. When attempting to print or generate a print preview from within Outlook, the user would get the error mess… more »


Application Whitelisting and MS Authenticode

F-Secure has recently reported of "…tens of thousands of malware samples that have been signed (with MS Authenticode)."MS Authenticode uses digital signatures (code signing) to authenticate software and inform the user of the fact that the software w… more »


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Apache.Org Compromise

On 04/05/2010, Apache's issue tracker for projects was compromised via an XSS attack. The attackers used a simple URL redirect service appended to a new issue to grab administrator session credentials and ultimately download hashed copies of JIRA, Bugzi… more »


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IMPORTANT: No New ClamAV Signatures for CSA Versions Earlier than

ClamAV will no longer release new signatures for ClamAV scan engines older than 0.95 effective as of April 15, 2010. As a result, any CSA 6.0 implementation prior to using the ClamAV signature protection (AV - Signature AV Policy) will not rec… more »


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Microsoft Virtual PC Creates Vulnerabilities

A Core Security researcher has announced a vulnerability in Microsoft PC Virtualization that in effect, can expose a vulnerability in applications where one did not exist in un-virtualized systems. The problem is, if you run an application in a Microsoft… more »

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