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Multiple websites prompting to download xd_proxy.css file all related to Facebook code change

During the past several days and even continuing through today, there have been reports of many websites prompting users to download a file named “xd_proxy.css.” Some have raised some concerns as to whether this behavior is somehow related to malware but… more »


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I can google your bill payments...

This entry comes from the department of: Why would anyone do this? If you have not already heard about, check it out. Basically, it allows you to link various bill payment/purchasing solutions to their account so you can share all of your pu… more »


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Your Employee is Saving Your Data for Later

Some interesting numbers surfaced in research performed by Cyber-Ark Software recently regarding how willing employees are to take corporate data. In this research (published @ darkreading), Cyber-Ark surveyed 600 employees in financial districts and fou… more »


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Mac Security - Aaahhh... Ugh… Thud…

Reading the latest MacWorld magazine (March-2010), I almost fell out of my seat. I could not believe what I was reading. (In retrospect, I can completely believe it, which is unfortunately why I am writing this today.) Why are so many Mac users 'convince… more »
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Who's Your Daddy?

Did the title of this blog entry throw you off a bit? It will all be explained shortly. In the InfoSec industry, we have one problem we have yet to solve with technical controls, 'the user'. This being a blog entry and not a book (or series of books),… more »

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