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Priveon Labs Publishes New White Paper: Using Application Whitelisting to Prevent Real-World Threats

August 3rd, 2010 - Priveon Labs publishes new Bit9 Parity document. Using a real-world attack scenario in a controlled lab environment, a new Priveon Labs white paper demonstrates successful Bit9 Parity threat mitigation. The white paper can be view… more »


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Conficker E, We Hardly Knew Ye

On April 8th, Conficker updated itself to variant E. (An only half-serious question: Do these warrant new variants if malware is updating itself? Maybe we should call them Conficker ServicePack 1 through X) Some of the changes made to variant "E" in… more »
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Conficker and Encryption

Conficker authors have shown adaptability in using and changing the many types of encryption and hashing algorithms used by Conficker including: - SHA-1 (Conficker A/B - replaced by MD6 in C) - 4096-bit RSA key (C and later) - RC4 - MD6 At a hig… more »


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New Conficker Variant? (WORM_DOWNAD.E)

The internet as we know it did not end on April 1st as some media outlets would have lead us to believe. What did happen was that a very well-written worm called conficker started scanning a pool of 50,000 randomly generated domain names for instruction… more »


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Excellent Conficker Analysis (All Currently Known Variants)

As everyone is well aware, conficker worm variants have been exploiting MS-08-067 since November 2008 (possibly earlier). Conficker continues to spread depite the fact that a patch has been out for this vulnerability since October of 2008. The latest "… more »

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