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EOL/EOS for the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System

Cisco has announced the end-of-sale and end-of life dates for the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (Cisco MARS).   For detailed information about this announcement:… more »


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Cisco MARS 110 6.0.5 FIPS 140-2 Compliance

FIPS 140-2 is the Federal information processing standard for cryptographic modules that are uses to protect sensitive but unclassified information. There are four levels defined within this standard 1 -4, each with increasing control requirements that b… more »


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Cisco MARS upgrade reminder 4.x to 6.0.5

With the October release of 6.0.5, wanted to quickly review the basic steps to upgrade  MARs form 4.x to 6.0.5. It should be stressed that moving from 4.x to 6.x is not an upgrade, but rather a data and configuration export from 4.3.6 to a newly installe… more »


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Cisco Releases MARS Software Version 6.0.1

Cisco officially released MARS Software Version 6.0.1 today. A few of the changes and enhancements in 6.0.1 include: Consolidated Software Release Upgrade Management Device Support Framework Cisco IPS TR/RR Support Support for Interne… more »


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Cisco MARS Versions x.3.6 Released to Address Audit Log Defect

Cisco has posted software releases 5.3.6 and 4.3.6 for the Cisco MARS appliance to correct CSCsr47032 -- a defect introduced in x.3.4 that results in the database gradually filling up with unneeded audit logs. According to Cisco: This defect can lead… more »

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