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Security Patch Breaks Printing in Outlook 2007 - Recalled by Microsoft

Anybody who installed Kb2509470 last week and happened to have Outlook 2007 may have run into a rather bizarre issue trying to print from Outlook. When attempting to print or generate a print preview from within Outlook, the user would get the error mess… more »
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User account not shown in Active Directory unless Advanced Mode enabled - Cisco Unity is the Culprit

I recently ran into a situation where certain users in Active Directory were just not showing up for some administrators while other admins could see them just fine. Upon further investigation it became evident that if the Advanced Mode of Active Directo… more »
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Powershell scripting with ESX 4.x

  VMWare now includes Powershell integration into their VI Toolkit releases. This allows us the ability to run cmdlets and scripts from Powershell to control your VMWare environment, making manual and time-consuming tasks much quicker and easier. You… more »

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